24th – 25th April 2021

Virtual Murder Mystery Weekend

Who can forget the thrills of a classic British seaside holiday? Strolling along the prom. Paddling bare foot in the surf. Lining up for donkey rides. Hunting for crabs. Burying your dad in the sand. Spending time in the arcades. Riding the dodgems. Posing for family photos. Grabbing ice-creams, donuts, chips or jellied eels and pickled whelks as the mood takes you…

Join us for a luxury weekend break at Bookin’s holiday park – probably the UK’s most famous coastal resort and a home away from home for families seeking a traditional British seaside break.

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Luxury Chalet

£ 40
Per Person
  • Main murder mystery events: 7pm-9pm both nights
  • Evidence box delivered to your door
  • Treats and puzzles
  • Virtual escape room
  • Themed quiz
  • Dance workshop with Holly Day
  • Crime author panel
  • Cookery workshop
  • Bingo
  • Cocktail hour

Pitch Only (Digital Pack)

£ 30
Per Person
  • Main murder mystery events: 7pm-9pm both nights
  • Digital Evidence pack
  • Virtual escape room
  • Themed quiz
  • Dance workshop with Holly Day
  • Crime author panel
  • Cookery workshop
  • Bingo
  • Cocktail hour

What's Included

The Story

With lavish chalets situated just a stone’s throw from a golden beach, and an entertainment centre providing wholesome family fun, Bookin’s provides everything you need for a nostalgic seaside holiday.

Join in with the various fun activities offered by our charming Yellow Coat team throughout the day. And in the evening – why not pull up a chair and order a cocktail in our five star entertainment centre and watch our world famous live stage show.

This weekend promises to be a real treat as live on stage joining our other regular acts are two of the nation’s most favourite magicians.

Be prepared to be mystified and amazed as you enter the magical world of Presto and Tovand, the country’s most intriguing and enthralling magical duo.

The magical pair have been making changes to their act over recent weeks to provide even more audience thrills – but a murder was something neither of them expected…

Main Murder Mystery Event

7pm -9pm both nights (2-4pm EST)

The murder mystery will develop over two evenings culminating in a solution on the second night. You will be able to interrogate each suspect during the evenings, chatting to them about their whereabouts and what they know about the other staff members.

You will need a computer, tablet or phone capable of running zoom in order to access the murder mystery. Being visible is optional, but you may enjoy getting to know the other holidaymakers.

Virtual Weekend April 24th-25th If you book as part of a group – please let us know and we will ensure you stay with your group during the event so you can exchange ideas easily.

Optional Evidence box delivered to your door

Containing treats and puzzles.

Being unable to holiday abroad doesn’t mean you need to avoid ALL the fun. Allow us to send you a carefully curated box of goodies to help you enjoy your luxury stay-cation!

This evidence box will contain all the materials you need to help solve the case as well as some additional goodies and puzzles for you to work through during your stay.

It will also contain your timetable and itinerary and more details of the optional activities you can take part in during the weekend.

(Please let us know of any food allergies you may have).

Bookin’s Disco Party Pack

Optional upgrade

Pack contains:

  • Glow Sticks
  • 80s Cut Out Wall Decorations
  • Novelty Glasses

Each pack will come with a complimentary cocktail pack. 

A choice from the following:

Club Tropi-killer

  • Cointreau
  • Malibu Rum
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Pineapple juice

Stormy weather

  • Tequila
  • Dark Rum
  • Ginger Ale
  • Cold Brew Coffee

Party packs are £25 and only available to UK residents.

Also Included*

* These are optional events that are included in your ticket price

Cocktail hour

Why not join us for a delicious cocktail in the Bookin’s function room. This is a great chance to mingle with the other guests and get to know who is staying in the chalet next door. We will be supplying some great Holiday Park themed games to help keep the conversation flowing.

You’re welcome at cocktail hour whether or not you upgrade to our cocktail pack.

Do join us for the atmosphere and a chance to mix and mingle with fellow guests and the suspects before the mystery starts. Fancy dress optional.

Themed quiz

Our quizzes were very popular during the lockdown and we will be joined by our special quiz master duo for an extra special quiz to get your brain cells buzzing.

If you are on your own – we will help you by teaming you up with some fellow holidaymakers.

If you are travelling as a group we will be able to team you up with your group. Just let us know nearer the time!

Your evidence box will contain your quiz sheets and pen, as well as some puzzle sheets you can work on before and during the weekend!

Virtual escape room

You will get the chance to attend the premiere of our exciting new escape room. Devised by the brilliant minds who brought you Cosy Killer, this promises to be a fiendishly fun adventure, but will you be able to escape in time?

Kidz Club

Have a young one staying with you? We have an exciting kids club planned, we’ll be announcing more closer to your holiday with us.

Crime Author Panel

Where you can pose questions to three well-known crime writers.

As members of the Crime Writers Association – we have been able to find three talented published crime writers who are willing to join us on our journey to Istanbul and provide us with some conversational entertainment. If you have questions you would like to ask about their books, characters or writing experience – this is your chance!

Details of the authors joining us and the titles of their books will be provided in your welcome pack. So, if you wanted to grab some light reading to while away your time by the pool, you will be able to purchase a signed copy of their books and meet the writers themselves during the trip!

Cookery Workshop

Want to learn a new skill while you are away this summer? Our cookery workshops always prove popular and mean you won’t go hungry this weekend. We will have more information coming soon.


What trip to Bookin’s Holiday Park is complete without a mandatory game of bingo? Grab yourself a cup of tea (number three), get those legs (eleven) moving to our bingo hall and hit the floor (seventy four) as it’s time for fun (forty one).

Dance Workshop

Have you ever struggled learning the macarena? Does the cha-cha slide leave you in a cold sweat? Do the intricate steps of Gangnam Style elude you? Well, fear not! Bookin’s enthusiastic Yellow Coat, Holly Day, is here to make sure you have all the moves needed to enjoy our late night disco.

Grab a partner and ready those sweatbands; this promises to be a knee slapping, toe tapping good time.

We have a number of surprises and extra events that we will be announcing over the coming weeks.

Please look out on social media for more information….

The Suspects:

Sly Tovand – Magician

Dressed for his stage show with tricks all ready to go up his sleeves, Sly is entertaining, full of witty patter, and quite the charmer with the ladies.

Paula and Bunny Rabbit -Magician’s assistants

With their glittery costumes and sparkling personalities, Paula and Bunny are full of surprises and have a quirky stage presence all of their own. Due to the nature of their work they’re rarely on stage together – it’s all part of the act!

Faye Presto – Star actor in this season’s panto show

Heroine in the current panto, Faye is a soap opera star and very used to presenting her best face to any camera.

Ivor Bookin – Owner of Bookins

Full of bonhomie and living the brand, Ivor is the family friendly face of Bookins Holiday Park.

Sid Bucket and Archie Spade -Ventriloquist Act

An aristocratic pair of overdressed entertainers, the act works better on Radio than it does on stage and rumour has it this will be the duo’s one and only season.

Holly Day – Yellow coat

An incredibly enthusiastic entertainment organiser at Bookins, Holly has numerous customer service stars on her badge and a cheery happy to help you attitude.

Mazda Bongo – Drag Queen

Bronzed, sequinned, sparkling and totally over the top dah-ling, Mazda is a favourite in the entertainment suite line up this season.

Mrs Mop – The cleaner

Grumpy, overworked and underpaid, Dolly Mop takes more cigarette breaks than anyone else at the holiday park and is always poking her nose into everyone else’s business.