19th – 20th September

Executive Class

£65 Per Person


In the early 19th century British officers stationed in India were given tonic water containing quinine in order to combat malaria. Made as medicine rather than for enjoyment this tonic water was incredibly bitter and so these officers began mixing gin and lime with it to make it go down a bit more easily. As is often the case what began as necessity became a tradition and now Gin and Tonics are consumed around the globe with very few of them being a medical necessity!This cocktail also contains bitters which gives a depth to the drink and the Campari rounds off this refreshing gin & tonic mix with bitter sweetness.A voyage to India would certainly be less daunting after a couple of these!

What's Included

  • Main murder mystery events – 7pm -9pm both nights
  • Evidence box delivered to your door containing treats and puzzles. (Please let us know of any food allergies you may have).
  • Cocktail pack (UK ONLY)

Also Included*

  • Virtual escape room
  • General knowledge Quiz
  • Art workshop with Marie Jones
  • Crime Author Panel where you can pose questions to three well known crime writers.
  • Indian cookery workshop
  • Cocktail hour

* These are optional events that are included in your ticket price

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